Ein Dankeschön der Schüler und des white-horse-theatre

White Horse Theatre    "The Great Detective"                     16th April2013
We liked the play "The Great Detective", because it was funny, exciting, crazy and there were very interesting actors.My friends liked the play, too. It was a good idea to integrate the audience during the performance. In our opinion the funniest person was Speeking, because he wore the best underwear, it was pink. His name was funny, too, especially when they told him: "Speak, Speeking!". We found it great that the murderer was one person among us.All in all, it was a nice and amusing play. Anne Olsen, Melanie Spieß, class 6a

Review: The Shape of Things

What would you do for love? Is it possible to change a person completely because he or she loves you? These questions are raised in Neil LaBute’s play “The Shape of Things”.


The main characters are Adam, Evelyn, Jenny and Philipp. Unfashionable Adam meets very attractive Evelyn at a museum and after a short while they become a couple. Adam changes his look because he wants to be the person who is loved by Evelyn.

His best friend Philipp does not like these changes and his girlfriend Jenny, who will be his wife soon, feels attracted to Adam.

After very difficult misunderstandings Philipp and Jenny split up. Evelyn, who has had a project all the time, shows her true character at the end and it is clear that Adam has only been her project.


“The Shape of Things” is, in general, a really good play and the topic is great. But it is not easy to understand all the complications in it. However, I really liked it although the performance by the “White Horse Theatre” was just okay.

Schülerin, Klasse 10aSehr geehrte Frau Bachmann, heute möchten wir uns gerne recht herzlich für Ihr gutes Feedback und natürlich für die Zeit und Arbeit, die Sie in die Organisation unserer Aufführungen gesteckt haben bedanken.Es war uns eine Freude, Sie und Ihre Schüler zu besuchen und unsere Schauspieler haben sich sehr willkommen gefühlt. Gerne möchten wir den Interessen, Erwartungen und natürlich den Englischkenntnissen unseres Publikums stets entsprechen und einen nachhaltig hohen qualitativen Standard bieten. Gutes Feedback wie das Ihre ist deshalb auch immer eine schöne Bestätigung für uns und unsere Arbeit.Wir freuen uns schon auf ein hoffentlich baldiges Wiedersehen und verbleiben bis dahin mit den besten Wünschen.  Mit freundlichen Grüßen,   Kerstin Woldorf